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history and mission

We have been working since April 2004 in Moscow city (Russia) and have become a regular partner of the Russian Dance Union and a sponsor of costumes for the Russian national team at the annual Junior Blackpool Dance Festival. Atelier "Kamelia" is a laureate of the Russian Dance Union "ACKNOWLEDGMENT" Awards.

We offer ballroom dancewear by our own design and production. And we are interested in long-term cooperation with shops and clubs in different cities and countries in order to expand the geography of sales of our products. We do not offer cheap dancewear - we strive for the optimal ratio price / quality of materials and tailoring.

Our Address

Russia, 107150 Moscow,
Ivanteevskaya str., 13/1,
4 floor, Atelier Kamelia
(m. Rokossovsky Boulevard)

+ 7 (495) 767 6719 (code 985 for WhatsApp)
+ 7 (495) 220 8016 (code 985 for WhatsApp)
Website: kamelia-dress.ru
E-mail: info@kamelia-dress.ru






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